Обновлённая версия премиум темы для WordPress Glow.


version 1.8

  • Fixed problem with top tier dropdown links not being disabled.
  • Updated ePanel to account for WordPress 3.0.
  • added fix for wordpress 3.0 beta
  • updates made to core epanel functions
  • Fixed bug in includes/defaulthome.php pertaining to postinfo include.
  • updates made to core epanel functions.
  • Fixed pagenavi style settings
  • Added Post Thumbnail Images support
  • Null Entry in database fixed
  • Deleted ‘Enable Post Info section’ options
  • Fixed: Author, Date, Categories: if all options disabled, it displays all options enabled after refresh

Инфо о теме

Скачать бесплатно тему для WordPress Glow v1.8

Designer: DEMO Glow v1.8
Country: Английский
Twitter: Not Available

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